Welcome to Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution, Electronic Dance Music is our passion, it's all about the music, best to be played loud.

Who is the pioneer behind Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution ? Viper-Oceania

What is Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution about?
Non-Stop Energy Radio playing the finest in Electronic Dance Music, putting listeners first & foremost. 

What highlights are included to this station? The freshest premiere tracks on a daily basis, including timeless classics.

When did Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution launch?2016

Which DJ's and Radio Shows can be heard on Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution ? Loads of Top DJ's connected (local and international), importantly we promote local & international talent by giving uprising stars a platform to air their mixes & tracks direct to the world. Submit your promo's & mixes to viper.management@yahoo.com

Which music genre features on Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution? Trance, Deep House, Progressive House, Techno, Club Classics, Downtempo & Chill Out.

What is Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution's main motto ? Giving listeners the unique Electronic Dance Music experience 24/7

What attributes does Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution provide to it's listeners and visitors to this website ?
The finest in club culture direct into your speakers 24/7. The freshest Top Class World Premiere Tracks, as they come in we play it, be first to hear these exclusive tunes right here. 

When did Viper-Oceania make his DJ Production debut? 1996

What is Viper-Oceania's favorite style music? all of what is playing on this radio station on going.

Who is Viper-Oceania's favorite Producer/DJ? There are loads of good DJ's/Producers out there but the ones who stand out for me are those who share & promote the full extended version of their tracks upfront instead of holding it back for months, more importantly playing for the crowd and not for themselves.

Massive shout out to all the listeners who have tuned into Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution from the start, it's been a fun ride and thank you for all the track requests, much respect & keep reaching for the laser into the sunrise.